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What is a Humorgram?  

What is a Humorgram?

We call our little SMS or Mail Stickers Humorgrammer because all ours gadgets go in a loving and humorous way to show your love to other people.

How does it work?
SmilingLove have designed a whole range of small & quot; sticks & quot; which is composed by special characters and techniques that make the humor you have chosen to fit exactly for the entire screen of a Mobile phone - i-pat or PC.


We do a lot to  tease  the recipient and you decide how open you want to be as a sender. Most people have a QR scanner in their mobile phone, therefore you can choose more where all the information (incl text messages) you wishes to deliver to the recipient without others being able to read there immediately, unless they scan the code, - - you do not need buse out - - and sweat trickles out) - I LOVE YOU! ? - but by being a little extraordinarily elegant patient and provide one extra effort you can really go a long way without your fiancé afterwards telling you how clumsy you were. 

If you are tempted to copy pictures from the Humorgram list to the social ones media, Fb - tick-tok, etc., be aware that you must first select the humor program and then enter your own text into the QR code before copying. (unless you insert something else yourself, & nbsp; the QR code points to & nbsp; includes a 'SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY calendar' where you can choose your anniversaries, - wedding day - mother's day, etc. and you can completely automatically send a sweet little greeting every year on the specified day.

What is a Humorgram

love smile

In a number of areas within tourism, the hotel and restaurant industry, dating portals and other online portals, the use of smiling Humorgrams and Humor stickers has intensified because just a single well-chosen smiling ideogram says a lot about the company or the personal sender
A humorgram is a humorous greeting or memory sent to someone you care about. - - maybe because you forgot a birthday.
Humorgrams are also used by the app King Cobra X , where you can quickly send a bouquet of red roses to her/him the super handsome one in the schoolyard or in the party you are currently attending.

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