Smiling are the language of love

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Let be your daily declaration of love. Sending quick, spontaneous notes  when your chosen one least expects your attention - it shows that you’re thinking of your loved one. You can even send stickers and hand-drawn pictures and sound effects too, so the experience will never get old.

If you see her in the hammock, - send a humorgram in a split second from your app

Get a travel buddy » Showing the people we love how much we care doesn’t always have to be a complex, but you're probably not the one who bumps at a sweet girl/man and exclaims clumsily (while your cheeks are fiery red and sweat is bubbling up) - I LOVE YOU !I LOVE YOU ! - but by being a little extraordinarily elegant and providing one extra effort you can really go a long way. Create your free profile » Try a little extraordinary and you will be rewarded

click on 'send' and a split second later an email pops up with the participant. the email looks like the photos below, and fills the entire screen on the mobile, be careful with the last 'ANONYMOUS'- - -if you are sending to an employee who may be sitting directly opposite or close by, - if the person works and opens mail on an ordinary PC - then a bouquet of red roses will appear that fills the entire screen, and if it is a woman, the cheeks will quickly turn the same color as the roses.

Choose the nationality that suits you best, USA America - South America - Dating Europe - Spain - Scandinavian - Dating Africa - - Russia - Theiland - Asia or choose your dating partner here

Say When

love smile

A fun unconventional way to invite on a date - or just
Can I ask you out - I'll pay - I feel attracted to you See the product description

Your Birtday

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The humorous one for the occasion: Happy birthday - by the way, I like you See the product description


love smile

We'll put it straight: You may be wondering, but I'm totally in love with you See the product description