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Write a Dating profile text that tastes more. Hmmm...

7 Tips: How to write the best Dating profile text!
Create your free profile » Face it: it is with words and humor that you find a lover. It is via your words and humorous appearance that you come into contact at all, because it is your "mood" that, together with the Dating profile picture, attracts attention. So they have to move and sit straight in the cupboard.
We all know the most common Dating profile texts. Careful announcements about comfort at home, walks in the woods, reading a good book, going to the cinema, the importance of humour, of being open and generous. Descriptions that show what you are looking for and a bit of who you are. Most people are like water: you have to use it, but it doesn't really taste like anything. It is only when there is a text that tastes of something that you can feel the person and want to get more.
Here are some good tips.

1) Be specific
Perhaps you can use a profile text here that you can refine as your own.

Warm up for a date, send sweet words and a heart to her email address.

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2) Exaggerate
You have already said a lot about yourself now. The profile text is easy to read, so avoid long announcements and too many details, but feel free to exaggerate so that your profile text is sharp. Maybe it will strengthen your text if you expand on the good, just like you have to do in life. "I really want to go to Mali again and ride an elephant and walk barefoot in the sand, and maybe you want to come?" Or maybe drill into what your heroes can do that you can't. "It may well be that Daniel Craig looks better than me in his suit, but on the other hand I am definitely better at making paella than he is".

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3) Tell a story
The adjectives are in line, but so are the platitudes, and we tend to use them a little too much. Tell a story instead! Instead of writing that you are looking for a guy who listens. Then write: "Many of the men I've met have talked a lot about themselves, and there was one who didn't notice that I hung up the phone and went out to make coffee". Or: "My friend made me laugh today, so it started to hurt my stomach in a good way". Or: "Today when I cycled to work, I saw two people kissing in front of Østerport station in the rain and wished it was me". Small situations you have been in tell more than the slightly searching descriptions.

4) Be mysterious
We would like to tell the truth. We don't have to. We should rather be a bit mysterious and thus also hold something back. "Humorous, but only to the edge". "Open, but with a screw lid", and instead of calling himself "open and listening": "can talk to a woman if she can otherwise shut up for five minutes". This means that you do not have to be afraid that your text contains some contradictions. It gives an extra dimension and makes it a 3d edition at best. There was one who, in the story of what she was looking for, wrote: "I know it when I see it". There is not much information in that. She could instead have written: "You make me electric, and I want to scream and sing and cry and laugh at the same time, while in reality I just have to make an effort not to say something stupid".

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5) Take chances
There are plenty of singles out there, and you shouldn't be afraid to bump off a couple or three. Not everyone is interested in you, so you might as well allow yourself to have a little edge. So take the chance and write something different. It is not exactly who you are, but a version of yourself. Also take the chance and describe exactly what you are looking for: "He must have more money than me". "He must have a Jutland accent". "He insists on inviting me out every weekend". "He tries to suppress an urge to kiss me on the first date, but it's impossible". From the chances you take, the interesting happens.

love smile

6) Write what you are happy about
Smiling. Leave your reader with a smile, and you can do that by writing what you are happy about in everyday life right now. If it's playing Uno with the youngest, write that. If it's four-nighters with friends, write it down. Show your passion for her and send "love's red roses to her email. - "When the pulse rises on my daily run in Søndermarken". It can also be something you have at home that you spend time on, such as "I have just started putting together a puzzle and only need 855 pieces". If you can tell a story between the lines about how much you want to meet someone, it's not a bad story, is it?

7) Use a quote
Others have tried and said something wise. A short quote, like if you wanted to give a speech, is a good idea. "Sinatra sings: I did it my way, and I've always liked that" says more than "I'm an independent type". "They say you can't have both luck in love and luck in gambling, but I'll try anyway..." Or "They say everything comes to those who wait, but I've waited long enough..." Proverbs and quotations create a common frame of reference and help lift your text and make it float. Can it float now?

It is the direct and the specific that works. The paella, the elephant, the coffee, the screw lid, the irresistible, the puzzle and My way. You must use the language that is closest to you and do not be afraid to reveal yourself. No one else has exactly your way of seeing the world. No one else has exactly your combination of thoughts and feelings. So smiling, positive, optimistic, fun to be with - these are just labels that can be put on most people. It's about the way you are, and it's about setting examples. Good luck! And feel free to contact me if you are in trouble.

Successful online dating is more than the Dating profile text
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