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Every third Dane finds a girlfriend - boyfriend online and here at Smiling Dating there is room for everyone. Whether you are looking for a girlfriend, a flirt, a date or you are just here to 'have fun'. You just choose what you are interested in. You can always delete your profile again. Read about the love bus Get on - get off


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Tonny Parnell

Is it necessary with so many & nbsp; registration information?   
Online dating

Is it necessary to have so many   registration information?

Yes and no, but because we keep a consumer account in DKK. or USD   for you, is we are subject to the Money Laundering Act and we must be able to document who you are is.

Here at, only small amounts are carried back and forth, and it can hardly interest anyone. but you also register at then you have the same account, but here are very wealthy American singles looking for travel companions on the expensive ultra delux cruises ALL INCLUSIVE   - which costs the same whether there is one or two in the suite. - here you can meet him on the white horse which does not unusually send you the ticket to it second half of the sweat (8 - $ 10,000)

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Tonny Parnell 03-01-2022 03:01:53
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Is all that inf


We are NOT like the others and you must understand why and how you get much more out of if you give us a little more information.

For example, we suggest that you enter a nickname, we do this because both SmilingDating users and users have the ability to send anonymous Emoji and ideograms - but you want to know what he - she thinks about it and he-she emails back your nickname and you can feel if he -she is up for a bit of flirting and romance before he-she knows who you are

We are working with another little gimmick where we have put your picture on the cover of Le Figaro with a humorous subtitle - - Either: Macron veut négocier que voulez-vous? Or - if you have a picture of her, you could put it in Le-Figaro with the caption: - I see I've got a competitor, shall we meet at Café Love at 16:15 after working hours, I sit and read Le-figaro

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