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more than 10,000 Looking for a girlfriend or a "travel buddy" right now

Get a travel buddy » If you want to find a girlfriend - boyfriend, or have your lover passed away far too soon and you miss a good friend, a lover or a travel companion for the rest of your life, then Smiling Dating may be just you - Smiling Dating is a safe and secure setting for you and singles looking for a boyfriend girlfriend, You can create your dating profile easily and completely free as over 10,000 other singles have already done. Maybe Smiling Dating is your dating site too.

Every third Dane finds a girlfriend - boyfriend online and here at Smiling Dating there is room for everyone. Whether you are looking for a girlfriend, a flirt, a date or you are just here to 'have fun'. You just choose what you are interested in. You can always delete your profile again. Read about the love bus Get on - get off


Create your free profile » If you have a question, ask it here or find answers to questions already asked.

Smiling Dating allows you to find your girlfriend, - boyfriend, friend or just someone to talk to - completely free.
You can ask questions here and we or others like you can see and answer your questions
NOTE Everything you write here on the Debate page is completely public and anyone can read along.

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Can I delete my profile?  

If you have found love or a meaningful relationship and no longer need to date? 

You can pause your profile.

Even if you have found a loving and romantic match, you don't have to stop to find new social or business connections. You just can delete or change your dating part of your profile and continue to find new friends, business connections and many other social relationships.

You can also continue to use the Smiling-Love service for fun and to maintain a good relationship

  • Log in to your profile settings
  • Here you can turn off “Dating mode” by turning off the button on the right side

Note: If you want to save a few memories with a special match, you must remember to do so before deleting your profile. You will be asked three times, "you can't just delete your profile" But when you have actively taken the step , you cannot go back and take screenshots or copies for the memorial book. - then your data is completely and completely removed from the web, we can also remove all your photos and posts on this page if you wishes.

Once you've entered "Dating Mode" from, you will see a message that your dating profile is permanently deleted andall your connections deleted in "Dating mode".

You can take a break without losing all your connections. In your profile settings you have different options which allows you to take a break without losing your matches or conversations. 

You can also block your profile e for a period of time

As with other apps, removing, uninstalling does not delete your account or delete from your phone. You must follow the steps in your profile settings to delete your profile.

If you are unable to use the steps as described in your profile settings. , we have a team that can help you.

Simply contact us  Email: Remember to make it absolutely clear what you want.

If you do not use your dating profile, your data will be deleted automatically after 1 year. You will first receive an email informing you that ALL your data will be deleted if you do not actively use your profile at the end of 12 months. after the last login, you can thus manage to save your data by logging in, otherwise all data, photos and posts originating from or relating to your profile will be deleted

We will miss you in the community. - You are always welcome to return back.

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