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When you create your Free Dating Profile here on, you can use our Smiling-Love service, etc.

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It can be difficult to find love in a country with many singles, who are unevenly distributed in all areas and regions. Thanks to, we've made it significantly easier for you to find love.

Maybe you prefer the Spanish castanets and Flamenco dance or the adorable Thai girl. Getting to know someone around the world has never been so easy. But read here before creating a good profile.

We transfer $ 20. to you
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The entire month, we will transfer $ 20.00 To you When you create your profile. Read more about SmilingLove dating account.

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When you Surf On you will often need a service from one Of our other service portals, you may fall wildly In love And feel Like noticing small gimmic , it can be small amounts from $ 5.00 - 10,00 but, And - Or you suddenly get the urge to accompany your fiancé on an ultra luxury cruise in the Caribbean $ 48,000.00

Think about it, it might just be you ?

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We are not like the others
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It is completely free to create a Profile here on and when you close your Dating profile you are free to continue on without the dating part

The team behind SmilingDating has developed a Free Dating Concept, you do not have to pay with Visa - Mobile or other cards where you pay fees, commissions, etc.

Because we have learned that our love posters and small encouraging 'stickers' and funny quick 'messages' in everyday life are popular to use, not just now that you are single, but throughout your life, therefore we also expect to have you as a user for a long time, even when you are in a relationship.

Fun and Loving Humor
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We have experience that quick smaller amounts are used and must be available immediately because you often have the opportunity within a few seconds to make yourself popular or interesting to a potential girlfriend, or you are dating online and want to send a love messages right now and here. - then you don't have time to find the credit card and wait for an approval, which is why we have learned that DKK 400.00 is sufficient as a start-buffer account.

SmilingDating is FREE and an account is not mandatory, and you can later consider whether it is not practical after all.

Our Smiling-Love service uses a user account where you can continuously top up according to consumption. Once your profile has been created and approved, an account will be created for you, so you can consider whether you want to top up and - or when

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