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Our Top Dating Profile Examples: What Works and What Doesn’t

In the first part of this blog post, we did a random search on POF and picked the first 12 guys so that we could see what works and what doesn’t in profiles. We looked at each of their primary dating photos and went through what worked and what didn’t. Now we are going to go deep into their profiles and I’ll give you the same dating profile examples and writing advice that I would give any of them if they asked for it. If you haven’t read part one, you can check it out HERE.

What you are about to see is why services like mine exist. Of the 12 profiles that I picked at random, none of them were great. None of them were even good. In fact, some of them were horrible. Before you post a profile on POF or any other dating site, Look at everything these guys are doing wrong and my dating profile examples and writing tips on what they could do to improve their online dating success and get more dates with the type of Woman they actually want to meet.

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Don't be modest
If you are ambitious and proud of what you do, why hide it? If you have a different and wild hobby, tell us about it. If you are Denmark's champion in Latin tango, write it down. There is no reason to hold back your abilities, your drive and your skills. If he thinks you're too cocky and bubbly when you talk about your life, then it probably shouldn't be you after all.

Not 100% honest
You don't have to tell him how much you long for a boyfriend or how often you've felt alone at weddings. You don't need to write in your profile text that you love your three cats and have in fact just had your heart broken.
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Avoid being stereotyped
"I am sweet, like to travel and like to take care of my body." Really... Very few people would write the opposite. If he wants to notice you, you have to stand out. Instead, tell a story that describes exactly how nice you are. If you've helped an old lady across the road while looking after your friends' triplets and giving money to a homeless person, then you're well on your way.

Drop the negative attitudes
No one is interested in a grumbler. It may well be that you are stressed and have had a bad day, but don't write everything you are tired of in your life. Would you even date a guy who had nothing positive to say?

Leave your luggage
"I'm not interested in being a rebound and unfaithful men should stay away." After such an introduction, there is probably no one who can doubt what you have been through. Although it is probably an attempt to protect yourself, you may risk scaring him away. Let's face it – you sound a little bit bitter.

Get help from your friend
When you have finished writing, it is a good idea to have someone who knows you well read over the profile text. Maybe there are some absolutely fantastic things that you forgot to write and maybe there are some stupid patterns that you have taken with you into your profile text.

From dating profile to date

Now you have hopefully got all the tools to write a good text for your dating profile... But what now? Dating is also about making contact, the first meeting, body language, flirting, chemistry etc. You can learn more about this and much more by reading our tips for online dating. Good luck with the hunt!

Are you a senior dater and about to try online dating for the first time?

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First date: 8 things Woman look for

We asked 632 Woman what they notice about a man on a first date. One could be tempted to think that appearance plays the most important role - but this is not necessarily the case. Here we have collected the 8 most penetrating things that Woman especially look for on the first date.


Then the day has come when you must meet for your first cup of coffee, glass of red wine or the walk in the park. In this connection, we have asked over 600 Woman what they look for on your first date.

8. option: Whether you are looking for other Woman

You must never let your eyes wander when or if other Woman enter the room on your first date. Your date tricks you right away. And then there won't be another date.

7. option: If you are also beautiful in reality

Unless you're a highly paid fashion model, you're most likely prettier in
reality than you are in your pictures. It is very fortunate, because a smaller proportion of Woman care about whether you are as beautiful in reality as you are in your profile picture. Also learn more about which body parts Woman turn on.

6. option: If you are polite

How you treat your surroundings says a lot about you as a person. The Woman have it figured out. So be sure to be polite on your date.

5. option: If you are funny

It's hard to be funny on a first date. Yes, some would almost call it an art.
But take advantage of the fact that you have written together on You hopefully know her enough to know what she thinks is funny. And which jokes you should stay far away from.

4. option: Whether you are well-groomed

Your clothes must not be pre-washed or pre-washed. Then your white shirt has turned a little yellow in
edge, it might be an idea to invest in a new one before you go on your first date. If you want to make a good impression.

3. option: Your height

We know, it's not entirely fair. After all, you wouldn't end your first date if she turned out to weigh more than you. But the fact is that the vast majority of Woman want to feel like the little one in the relationship. So yes, she is looking to see if you are taller than her.

2. option: If you ask her

It's fine that you tell her how well things are going at work. And how well-liked you are among your colleagues. But you must never forget to ask her questions and seem genuinely interested in her stories. It is therefore essential that you create a balance in the topics of conversation, so that you can both talk and listen to each other on your first date.

1. option: Whether you have self-irony

It is important that you don't just tell stories where you present yourself as God's gift to Woman. Therefore, it is crucial that you also dare to show your flaws on your first date and admit that you are not perfect - even if you yourself think you are close to flawless. If you try to appear overly confident with a confidence forged in the strongest steel, you can come across as shallow, smug and unattainable. This is not to be desired if the goal of your first date is to find true love.

Ready to go on the first date?

If you have read through these 8 points and think "I want to do well on a first date", just take the plunge! Invite the cute neighbor out, or find a potential first date on by create a free profile here. Here you will find thousands of singles, among whom your next date can cleverly hide. Love has to start somewhere, so why not here?

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4 fun ideas for a different date

If you want to secure a good and memorable date, ditch the coffee and dive into something new. You have finally agreed to meet and you want to show him that you are more resourceful than the other girls. But what are you really going to do - if you don't just want to go to a cafe and drink a cup of coffee or a beer together?

The active date
No panic. You don't have to turn up in windproof and practical sportswear just because there is an active date on the programme. Basically, it's about creating some experiences together in an active and engaging way. When you do something active together, there is less risk of the conversation stalling. If you are both on smooth ice, there is even an opportunity to have something to laugh about. At the same time, it is important that you do not plan anything that makes him uncomfortable. Even if you love it, it's not certain that he wants to take you to Zumba. Instead, choose something that everyone can participate in, such as:

- A trip on horseback
- Roller skates
- Bike ride
- Rent a rowing boat and row a trip
- Climbing wall
- Water skiing
- Go karting

The playful date
It's not the best idea to set up a play date if you can't stand losing. There are no men who turn on a bad loser, but if you are good at letting your inner playboy loose, then there is plenty of opportunity to create a fun and flirty playdate. You can throw yourself into:

- Ludo or backgammon
- Bowling
- Twister
- Mini golf

The cultural date
You don't have to be the intellectual type to go on a cultural date. Often it is also interesting to challenge yourself and your date with new knowledge and new input. The danger of a cultural date, however, is that you may risk being limited in your conversation due to the surroundings. On a cultural date you can try your hand at:

- An art museum
- Another type of museum - historical museums, local museums, geological museum, zoological museum or botanical garden are just some of the possibilities
- An outdoor exhibition or in a sculpture park

The experience date

The experience date can be somewhat reminiscent of the active date, but it does not have to be so physically focused. Again, it's about creating some shared experiences that you can enjoy together.

However, remember that the point of the date is to get to know each other, so make sure you choose something where there are breaks and opportunities for conversation. When you invite him on an experience date, you can:

- Go to a football, handball or basketball game (not a top game with his favorite team, it can easily get tense, especially if they lose.)
- Concert
- Go for a ride if one of you has a car. If necessary, pack a food basket and bring a picnic
- Go sightseeing in your own city
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7 tips: How to find a girlfriend

Dating in 2021 should be fun. We have collected 7 good tips for you on how to get a boyfriend. Read on, and then get started on finding love.

1. Know yourself and be honest about yourself

When you start your search for a partner, be honest. Honest about your age, honest about the number of children you have, honest about yourself in general. It also requires that you know who you are – if you don't know, it's high time to get started. Remember that you have to live in happy harmony with your lover for the rest of your life, so feel free to spend more time finding the right one than you do when you have to choose a new house or a new car.
Read also: 10 good tips for dating.

2. Take the chance and contact your matches

Once you've found someone you find interesting, take the initiative and make the connection. It is not certain that the chance will present itself if you just sit and wait. To find the right partner, you have to stick your nose out. Therefore, do not be afraid of a rejection, it must not knock you out. And that applies to men as well as Woman.

3. Be direct in your communication and drop the game

Do yourself a favor and be direct. If you hide behind platitudes, it is not certain that your future girlfriend can "see you". And now don't play too smart. You will only experience being pilloried.
In addition, learn more about which topics of conversation are good to bring up on your date here: Good topics of conversation on a date: 7 things that are easy to talk about.

4. Write together first and then meet each other IRL

Write together and see if there is chemistry and flirt a little in writing. If there is, the next step is to meet in real life. A good trick is to keep it as far down on the ground as possible. Meet each other over a cup of coffee. It doesn't have to be a chrome-plated dinner to set the mood. It is also difficult and unattractive to talk with food in your mouth.
Read more about how you can make the first contact with him and her here: The first time you write to him and When you write to her the very first time.

5. Try several types – and contact more than the obvious

When searching for interesting candidates when finding a date, don't just choose the obvious ones. Take a chance and choose one that would not normally pass through your eye of a needle. Your new girlfriend can easily show up once you've looked past the picture and profile text.

6. Sell yourself - Don't just make demands

Emphasize your good sides, and feel free to tell if there is something you are really good at, but definitely don't lie. Dishonesty is a big turn-off and the worst prerequisite for finding your future lover. And don't make too many demands. A relationship is often the art of compromise.

7. Relax, be patient and enjoy it. Dating should be fun!

If it turns out that you miss a girlfriend, you are already guaranteed an uphill battle in advance. If you are clear and prepared that a date can result in a rejection, then you will be more relaxed from the start and aware that the date should be fun.

Patience is a virtue. Also when dating.

Read also: Body language: Learn to read your date with 16 good tips.

Dressed to find a girlfriend?

If you follow these 7 tips on how to get a girlfriend, you are well on your way to being able to make it on the dating scene - and maybe even find the right person who can change your single status. On you will find thousands of singles from all over the country, among whom your future lover may be hiding. Create a free profile on and get one step closer to your next love affair.

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These body parts turn Woman on

Woman, Woman, Woman. What do they really like best about men? Is it the back, the ass or messy hair that Woman love most about a man? Or do they focus mostly on the eyes, nose or mouth? We have asked close to 2000 Woman which body part they find most attractive in a man. See the full list here.

Here's how we did it:
We set up 12 points in the form of different body parts and supplemented with a 13th point, where the Woman themselves could write a possible body part that we had omitted. After this, they could freely choose whether they wanted to vote for a single, 2, 5 or all 12 body parts they turn on in a man.

So here you can see what the Woman are looking for when they go on a date and in search of love.

13th place – Ben
For all men with thin or thick legs. Don't worry, the legs are the body part that Woman pay the least attention to in a guy.

12th place – The beard
Despite the fact that three times as many Woman have ticked beards compared to legs, beards still come in 12th place above what Woman love in a man.

11th place – Penis
In 11th place, what Woman turn on the most is the penis. Surprising? We think so.

10th place – Stomic
Fortunately, the six pack is only in 10th place above the body part that turns Woman on the most. In fact, it is becoming fashionable to have a top belly for men (the so-called Dad Bod or father body). If we look at Hollywood icons such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jon Hamm, it seems to be a trend that is spreading. So single man...start your (beer and burger) workout.

9th place – The back
It still comes a little behind us. The back scores a surprisingly good 9th place among the body parts Woman can li' by us men. And most Woman unanimously answered that "a muscular back is super sexy".

8th place – Hair
Apparently having a bad hair day means something. For a large part of the Woman, 'hairs' of when we asked them which body part they like best' by us men.
A bit of a shame if you have started to lose your hair, but then you just have to compensate with the next seven points on the list.

7th place – The jaw
A good jawline most Woman associate with masculinity. If you are naturally endowed with a wide jawline, there is a good chance that the ladies will think you are a hit.

6th place – Røven
They are looking for it. At least the vast majority of Woman do. A good ass in a pair of jeans is always a hit among the Woman. Such a big hit that we can place your rear in 6th place.

5th place – The lips
A lot of Woman look at your lips when they judge how beautiful you are.

4th place – Biceps
Your biceps don't have to be the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger's, just big and muscular enough that "he can grab me, hold me".

3rd place - The hands
The hands are apparently one of the things that Woman look for most in a man. So always make sure you have nice and clean nails,

2nd place – Chest
And here we went thinking that the ribcage was simply used to tame the ball with in football. But we were wrong. Our study shows that the chest can also be used to a large extent to tame the Woman. Who would have thought that?

1st place – The eyes
They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. There must be something to the conversation. Because eyes are the body part that Woman turn on the most in a man. So as a single man on, you must remember to use your eyes in your profile picture.

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Russian dating

8 things not to say on a first date

When you're single and dating, you have to be yourself, but you don't have to say everything that's on your mind. Ideas for exciting, fun and serious conversation topics can therefore seem like a dating discipline in itself. So read the list and learn more about what not to say on a date. And certainly not on the first date!

”I am happy to meet a quiet and calm guy like you. My ex was very jealous and violent.” Nobody wants to have a rocker on their neck – not even him.

“No thanks, I don't want dessert. The wedding dress I bought is quite tight.” If he suggests another date, it's probably because he turns on desperate Woman.

"I don't put anything in my mouth that is unhygienic." He will automatically wonder if it also applies to his more southern parts and probably lose interest.

“You have a spot. Now I just have to remove it.” If you combine that sentence with a discreet spittle in a napkin and wipe his cheek, don't be surprised if he calls out to his mother in bed.

“I am happy to meet a quiet and calm guy like you. My ex was very jealous and violent.” Nobody wants to have a rocker on their neck – not even him.

"I'm quite demanding in bed and my last boyfriend was in a porno." Unless he thinks it could be an exciting challenge, he will probably be afraid of whether he can live up to your demands.

"For me, sex is sacred and I don't believe in it before marriage." Good for you, but you have to be prepared that he doesn't feel quite the same way.

"I sleep with Mister C every day." It seems even sadder when you try to make it sound sexy that you sleep with your cat. Avoid mentioning your cat at all.

"I want to be a young... grandmother." You can't really put more pressure on him. Not only do you want him to be a father before all his friends. But he must also be ready to be called grandpa at the age of 45.
article 7

The first time you write to him…

Should I write to him or not? And if so – what should I write to him? The first contact is always difficult. But unlike mustering up the courage to approach the perfect man in town, online dating offers some distinct advantages. Unfortunately, the probability that he walks around with a sign hanging around his neck that presents his personal interests is rather small.

Online, however, you can read who he is and what he is interested in. This provides a solid starting point for the first contact - and it is precisely this very first contact that you will get some good advice for here.
Read more about online dating here and get started with your dating profile.

Before you write to him…

But before you make contact, make sure you have your own profile in place. If he loves your letter, he will probably want to take a closer look at you. Men are more visual than Woman, and your profile picture is therefore decisive for whether he responds back. At the same time, a personal profile text is important to give an impression of you.

Get help with the good profile text here.

8 good tips for the first contact

Many Woman feel that it is the man who should take the first initiative. This applies especially offline, but online there are also more men than Woman who take the first step. However, it has become far more common for Woman to initiate contact with the men they find interesting. So don't hold back! On the contrary, it is a good idea, because men love to be confirmed. But when it comes to the first contact, you may be in doubt about how to behave and ask yourself the eternal question - what should I write to him?

Overall, it's about a balance where you stand out from the crowd - without seeming strange. Here are eight tips that can help you strike that balance:

1. Write briefly and precisely

A long novel with too much focus on yourself can seem overwhelming for men. Most of all, it can be reminiscent of a failed date, where a nervous monologue runs from start to finish. Write briefly and precisely - preferably with space between every other line.

2. Show him you've looked at his profile

It is always good to demonstrate that you have read his profile. Show why you chose to write to him in particular - and be specific about it. “You say you love Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Have you ever read Corrections by the same author?” Or "I can see you dive - I have a diving certificate myself and love scuba diving". Because when it comes to exactly what you should write to him, it is a good idea to start with common interests that can generate longer talks and discussions. Then you're good to go!

3. Compliment the aspects of him you like

As mentioned, men love confirmation – this applies both to their appearance, abilities and personality. So use it when you write to him. But don't sound desperate, because counterplay is important to a man. It must not be too easy.

4. Write as if it is a real conversation

Would you start a face-to-face conversation with "I'm a fresh 30-year-old girl who lives in Kolding and loves cats"? No, right? So you don't have to do that online either. Think of your contact as a conversation that must be allowed to develop to become more and more personal.

There is no reason to unload it all in the first letter. Write a few lines about yourself - and preferably about the things you have in common.

5. Uncertainty is a turn off

kærlig Thai pige

"If you also think that my profile seems a little bit interesting, please reply to my letter." Don't get sidetracked. Now you've made the switch and you have nothing to lose. Let him form his own impression of you from your profile without putting words in his mouth from the start.

It is far better to end the letter with "We will talk" or "I look forward to hearing from you".

6. Don't put too much pressure on

Keep telling him what you want to do on the first date or for that matter the next several years when you see a future with him. Always think about how you would approach a man if he were standing right in front of you. Hardly with an already planned date or suggestions for your first holiday destination when you become lovers. Then he simply sticks his tail between his legs.

You just have to warm up to each other - just like a normal conversation with a person you don't know.

7. Make it easy to respond to your letter

In sheer eagerness to complement and show interest, many often forget to prepare an answer when they make the first contact. It may sound a bit banal, but it is both easier and more obvious to respond to a letter if there is a reason for it. And that reason appears most clearly in the form of questions. It is simply about asking questions.

But remember not to ask too many; Please limit yourself to 2-3 question marks. It doesn't have to seem like an interrogation.

8. Give the letter a good heading

It is our experience that men like to be a little surprised or to have their curiosity activated. Therefore, try to be a little more inventive in your introduction than just "Hello" or "Hello". It does not arouse much curiosity in the recipient. A good introduction should be different or creative. Optionally, ask a question that shows you've read his profile. Or write something sweet or funny that brings a smile to your face.
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Then it's your turn

Now you've got some tips and tricks you can pull out of your sleeve when you soon have to start writing a good letter that will get the attention you deserve.

But don't worry if not all your letters are answered. It happens to all of us. If you make the effort and write personally and with interest, then it is just a matter of time before there is a profit.
If you don't already have a profile on, you can create a free profile here and thereby greet thousands of other singles around the country. Now it's just a matter of taking the first step on the keys - and with our advice in the back of your mind, it's no big deal.