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I am a middle aged Indian man and I miss a loving woman My 2 children have left home and I have time to travel and enjoy life, but it is so boring to travel alone. I am financially independent and reasonably well off, I pay for myself but would like to share experiences and travels with a nice man I live in my own house in the better quarter approx. 8 km north of New Delhi


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Smiling Dating Cow-Boy TonyCow-Boy Tony
Man looking for a loving travel companion

It also made me a little curious, - what is AI "artificial intelligence" ? and I asked chatGPT "how would I look as a young male or female cowboy?"
ScientistAge: 68ManDenmark

Smiling Dating GuestGuest
I miss a loving woman travel companion girlfriend

I am a retired school teacher and have worked at Holte School for 30 years I am a great lover of life, but I miss someone to share the joys of life with, - someone to travel with,

Smiling Dating MojoMojo
I am looking for a cute girl travel companion girlfriend

Per and Frederik Mojo present to you a new 3 bedroom duplex penthouse for sale in Benalmadena for 169.000 € per share. It has beautiful panoramic sea views as well as a jacuzzi overlooking the bay of Fuengirola.

Smiling Dating Jacob LaCrisJacob LaCris
I miss a loving woman travel companion girlfriend

Quiet living man from yorkshire originally , ex professional Military Aviator. So I have had an exciting life and now want to chill in nature, but I’m missing someone to cuddle up to. I don’t care if people are rich or poor but the person within is what counts. I live in a remote village on a mountain range in north west Spain
LawyearAge: 65ManSpain

Smiling Dating Jon A BrothersJon A Brothers
I am looking for a cute girl travel companion girlfriend

Hi, I'm looking for an Albanian woman of approx. 24 years. moved from Elsinore 4 years ago and have a daughter now 4-5 years old approx.. her name starts with A
CraftsmanAge: 54ManDenmark

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