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Sexual orientation is the persistent pattern of sexual attraction based on who you fall in love with and who you are sexually attracted to.
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Catch her attention in the hammock, - send red roses in a split second from your app Mention here 10 sexual orientations that can expand your knowledge in sexual behavior. LGBT

Read here and learn more about the different ways we, just as different, people are attracted to each other. It is now common knowledge to have sexual orientations that fall within the 'Normal' spectrum.
However, there are still more people who identify with a sexual orientation that falls outside the norms.
That is why we have collected 10 of the most norm-breaking sexualities right here that you may not have known. Read and learn more about sexuality in a wider spectrum.

Love is universal across sexualities, and you may feel the need to write about your sexual orientation in your profile or in your search for a faithful and Loving life companion, maybe you will find a girlfriend here on Smiling and only distinguish between two sexes, - MALE - WOMAN and sexual orientation HETOROSEXUAL - GAY - LESBIAN - BISEXUAL , but Sexual orientations and love between two people are universal across sexualities when you want to find a girl - boyfriend

However, we still list 10 known sexual orientations that can expand your knowledge of sexual behavior.

Spaisexuality Spaiosexuals are sexually attracted to intelligence, knowledge and eloquence. Their partner's physical appearance is considered less important as long as they are stimulated intellectually.

Demisexuality: Demisexuals are only attracted to people, they have a very strong emotional bond, either romantic or a second character. Demisexual observance comes from being ‘in between’. Being sexual with a partner in a relationship takes on a secondary meaning.


Scoliosis Sexuality Scoliosis is often attracted to those people who do not fall within the prevailing gender norms. It can be trans Woman, trans men, non-binary-identified. Scoliosis does not feel attracted to people who identify with the gender they were born into. It is important to be able to accept the many different sexualities that exist.

Demiromantic People who can not build close romantic feelings for others can be demiromantic. Which means, among other things, that they can only develop emotional connections if they first attach an emotional bond to another person. Unlike some people, the demiromantic are not quick to say they love their partner either.

Gerontophilia: "Love has no age" is often heard. If you are gerontophilic, you are primarily attracted to older people.

Two-spirit: Being two-spirit can be translated to ‘two-soul’ and used to describe the people who do not identify as either masculine or feminine. Instead, the focus is on the spiritual identity - and this is where the attraction lies. The term originates from North America and before colonization it was often people with a two-spirit sexuality who were entrusted with some of the most important roles in society.

Aromatic: Aromatic people do not feel the need to be in a romantic relationship. Therefore, such conditions usually involve monogamy. All relationships are different - there may be a need for romance or absolutely no romance.

Lithromantic: Having a lithromantic sexuality means not wanting to reciprocate your romantic feelings. Lithromantic people often want to completely avoid dating and romantic relationships. However, they may well be part of a love affair, but it can be very complicated. This requires, among other things, that they do not find the relationship satisfying or romantic, but practical.

Gynosexuality and androsexuality: Gynosexuals are attracted to Woman and people with very feminine features. For example, it can also be feminine trans Woman. Likewise, people who are androsexual are attracted to men with marked masculine traits.

Autosexuality: Autosexuals are almost exclusively physically attracted to themselves. Unlike most people, autosexuals prefer to have sexual experiences with themselves rather than a partner.

If you are in doubt about which group you belong to, it may be a good idea to mention it in your profile, but you should always be completely honest

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