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Since internet dating became a phenomenon, so many pages and apps have been created that it's hard to keep track of what each dating site basically contains.

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We give you reason NOT to just pick the first random dating site our dating profile should express who you are.. No one bothers to date with a "boring ". - Our gives you " kicks " to radiate an exorbitant sense of humor and zest for life. When you show zest for life in your profile and use our well-developed humor programs and " gags " as tools in your search for love, you will automatically attract fun-loving partners who have the understanding of humor on a higher level. (intelligent people " read " humor faster) and with humor you create The spark of love faster.

What you yourself are measured on is often your humor, intelligence, zest for life, passion and caring. (By Jytte Torenzen, cand.scient.pol.) is not just a dating site but a tool that makes your everyday life more fun and enables you to express the most important success criterion when socializing with people and not least with your chosen partner for the rest of their lives. We are not gifting you an ultra deluxe cruise in the Caribbean on the world's most luxurious cruise ship, but we have several people looking for a life partner in that class. - - you should try.

Maybe you prefer the Spanish castanets and Flamenco dance or the adorable Thai grace . Getting to know someone has never been easier.
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Or read here before creating a Dating profile.

Take a look at your matches at your own pace. Profiles from around the world help you discover common interests. Maybe you're arranging a date in Brazil, maybe you're more into an Italian brunette ?. Send a compliment, a smile or a personal message and a bouquet of red roses to New-York - London - Paris - we make it easy for you to take the first step!

Send a gift card on a RED FERRARI to pick up in Paris or send an OPEN TICKET to your private jet with boarding on a given date at an airport closest to the recipient, where you receives the chosen one in the plane door. -
Invite a travel companion or be invited on an unforgettable luxury Cruise in the Caribbean. - exclusive makes it possible

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I would discreetly hear if you are fresh on a date.?
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Today, most single use their Iphone every single day, and only through your and their iphone you can break the barrier, make a Dating and be incorporated into their group. The Me-To debate has further complicated the love affair and how to contact one you would like to date with, - this applies to both young and old on dating. - - - You do not go straight and exclaim I am looking for a nice girl or I am looking for a nice man or Boyfriend ?? - - - It just seems a little wrong and you get laughed at in the group. With the humor chart shown above, you say nicely and properly: I have long wanted to ask ,? - But here is a gift card to redeem with me whenever you want.
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We have developed an App from which you can quickly send Emoji - Gadges, a bouquet of red roses, a postcard, etc. graphic expressions and ideograms that say much more than you can write on ten pages. - - Go slowly and wait for your small approaches to pay off .

Today you can say to the girl or guy I LOVE YOU!   Loud and clear without you becoming as red in the cheeks as the heart or the bouquet of roses you send.

How does it work?: The humorgram above says: & nbsp; I have a long time had a good eye for you and finally, I have an opportunity to say it, happy birthday - - You need say no more, the red roses say more than words.

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We have experience that quick small amounts are used and must be available immediately because you often within a few seconds have the opportunity to make yourself popular or interesting to a potential girl or boyfriend, or you are dating online and want to send a love messages right now and here. is FREE and an account is not mandatory, and you may later consider whether it is not practical anyway.

You can order humorgramss for automatic submission from your file Special Anniversaries on the date you entered. Therefore, it is also convenient to have a buffer account rather than having to swipe the credit card every time you spend a few $

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Choose the nationality that suits you best, USA America - South America - Dating Europe - Spain - Scandinavian - Dating Africa - - Russia - Theiland - Asia or choose your dating partner here